Freeway blogging is holding a large banner over a freeway where drivers can see it.  Properly done it is safe, legal and fun!

Kevin Barrett interviewed the author on Truth Jihad Radio on November 2, 2012 about freeway blogging.  Listen to that part of the interview here:

If you have a message to share with drivers, this site is intended to give you the tools and knowledge to do so safely and legally. For a couple of hours you can be the (local) news media.Police do not always understand and value the Constitutionally protected right of free speech. But it is possible to approach them in the right way and clear your event with them to minimize hassles.  You can also educate CHP on how freeway blogging is a safe and legal event and build a cooperative relationship with them.  In 2010 CHP did a statewide training on handling free speech demonstrations and part of that training was about freeway blogging, in response to our interaction with CHP.*This website does not provide legal advice. The owner is not an attorney.

Freeway blogging is a naturally noisy activity because you are over a busy highway.  It is not for those with sensitive hearing or aversion to noise.

Thanks to We Are Change L.A. for showing us how it is done.  They have several videos from their freeway blogging events in 2008 on youTube.

Freeway Blogging News

August 2, 2017

Do you have a short message you would like thousands of drivers to see?

Can you make a banner about 4′ by 25′ and paint your message on it?

This site will show you how to get the cooperation of law enforcement so that you can peacefully and safely demonstrate your banner and get your message across.

In the age of Trump there are more reasons than ever for individuals to get involved in politics, both local and national.

From the archives:

October, 2013
We were lucky not to run into police brutality but it persists and October 22 is a big national day to protest police brutality and more.


The full name is The Call for the 18th National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation.

November, 2012
Airport blogging anyone?  This is about a campaign to tell travelers of their right to opt out of the TSA body scans.  Very interesting showdown with a deputy sheriff.  That’s why this video is on this site.  This was an unprepared but successful interaction with police.

August, 2012
Finished editing video of April, 2010 event showing cooperation with CHP

March 16-17, 2012
Freeway bloggers in Davis are part of global protest to “Shut Down Monsanto

September 11, 2011

Freeway blogging on the 10th anniversary of 9/11

September, 2010
CHP delivers final reply to our Complaint


May, 2010
CHP provides initial reply to our Complaint


February, 2010
We meet with CHP to discuss a plan


December, 2009
We file a complaint with CHP over the October, 2009 freeway blogging event


October, 2009
Freeway blogging in Davis: a major run in with CHP


September, 2009
Our first freeway blogging adventure in Davis


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